About Us

Restaurant La Capital is inspired by authenticity, ancient pre-Hispanic traditions, and rituals. In La Capital, we pay special attention to Mexican ingredients, their origin, and the original taste of the dishes.

Chef Alexis Hernández Maldonado, who came from Mexico, created a special menu based on the country’s traditional cuisine and unique cooking processes while reinterpreting and combining it with modern culinary art.

In La Capital, handmade corn tortillas and tostadas are made according to ancient preparation technology. Here, you will find authentic flavors of Oaxaca’s Molé variations, Caribbean-style ceviche, top-quality meats, and salsas prepared on-site. Let’s not forget about our traditional desserts, too.

The bar offers over 100 types of tequila and mezcal, a selection of Mexican wine and craft beer, and a special cocktail menu inspired by Mexican ingredients and original flavors.

Opening hours:

Monday – 17:00-23:00

Tuesday – 17:00-23:00

Wednesday – 17:00-23:00

Thursday – 17:00-24:00

Friday – 17:00-24:00

Saturday – 12:00-24:00

Sunday – 12:00-22:00


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Let’s meet – Saltoniškių g. 7C, Vilnius

Phone: +370 63 4 33388

Email: [email protected]

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Let’s meet – Saltoniškių g. 7C, Vilnius

Phone: +370 63 4 33388

Email: [email protected]